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tv   [untitled]    September 28, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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same manner as this park is being planned, with the exception that there is no affordable housing in that particular space, but yet, all the residents are around the park benefit from low-income, medium income, and high-income families always hanging out at the park. again, i am here to support it and i commend you on doing a great job on collaborating with the community. thanks. supervisor mar: thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a parent, and i am for the park as well, but my concern is that i was able to attend the first meetings when they were planning and they were taking suggestions from all the people and parents that showed up. what i saw was a limited amount of concern for teenagers with access our activities there at the park. somebody posted a negative comment like they did not want basketball hoops because they
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did not want teenagers hanging up. i have a 20-year-old, a 17-year- old and a 7-year-old. a lot of the parents that showed up had babies in strollers and young kids. my older boys are really limited in what they can do in the neighborhood. i requested that they put the boots, but i think i saw in planning that there is no " spirit there's no activities at all for young kids. my 17-year-old will be able to go to the boys and girls club, but after he turns 18, he has no place to go. my 20-year-old is limited. i really do not have anywhere to go, especially around where we live, to go out and do something else besides stay home and watch tv. i do not know if anybody else has voiced this, but please consider maybe putting basketball hoops. the only hopes we have are at a school nearby, and they are really short, and the gates are closed during the weekend. that is my concern. that whoever does drawings or
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anything further, that we consider an extra activity for the kids. but no one is going to use them, which is fine, but really consider the needs of our older teenagers as well. supervisor mar: thank you. please come forward. [speaking spanish] >> i work with the community. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i work with the out reached team -- i work with the outreach team. we visited a lot of kids in amounts -- in an immense amount of poverty. i think it is ludicrous to call them residential hotels. >> [speaking spanish] >> a lot of these rooms where
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the families live only fit a bed, yet there are three to four kids in each room, with a parent, a mom, and a dead. i want to say that it is really needed. this part is really needed for these kids to have a space. -- this park is really needed for these kids to have a space. please come visit sro's so you can see the poverty these families are living in. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> i know most of you are aware of the poverty that exists, but i urge you to come, when you're in your campaign mode, to talk with us, and be with us. i am sure you will be aware that not only are we advocating for this part, but we have a lot of energy, a lot of passion, a lot of work we want to bring to this process of making this a reality. >> [speaking spanish] >> we also need affordable housing, accessible housing. please help us make that a reality. we believe in you and do not want to stop believing in you. thank you. >> my name is pat delgado.
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i am a part advocate in the mission district. -- a park advocate in the mission district. this is a vital new part in our neighborhood. we have very little open space. we have franklin. we have kid power. we have delores, but it is way over there. we have garfield. up in this area, which is part of the old industrial zone, we need more open space. this is a great idea. please help us make it a reality. thank you. chairperson mar: thank you. i see only three more speakers, and then we're going to close public comment. >> my name is jamie olberg. i am from mission local. i was hoping to address a question to the representative from the mayor's office of housing. in previous meetings, we talked
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mainly about the park portion of this land. i am wondering why or how the mayor's office of housing is paying double the amount that park and wreck -- that part of recreation is paying for half of this land -- that rec and park is paying for half of this land. i wonder whether it is affordable housing or middle- class housing that is planned with in that realm. chairperson mar: thank you for doing your job as the investigative journalist. he should ask the question directly if miss mcnamara mark -- you should ask the question directly if miss mcnamara wants to address this up for public comment. you should speak with her off line as well. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i live in the district supervisor cohen represents.
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i am here to support the park. i very much believe there is a need for a park in the mission district. i very much believe in the bayview, which are next to large parks and stuff. maybe not as nice as the stuff in the other side of the city. when i grew up in the mission, the one playgrounds -- the one playground was not open all the time. there was a cement factory that was pioneering in making sure it became a park. i am glad they are now pushing to this project in a very needed part of the neighborhood, where mission creek used to flow and hopefully nature returns to it, to bless us a little bit and nurture us with clean air, trees, and all that.
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a part is very needed in this part of the city. i hope all of you are supporting this and paying attention to what all the speakers say. >> hello, supervisors. i just wanted to talk to you a little bit more about all the community work that has been done for many years on this park. hundreds of community folks have been able to be part of this process in getting to where we are today. i worked in the mission. one of the projects we did with adult members is something called a ground trouping. it is community mapping of what is going on around our neighborhood. some of the things we found is that there is a lot of toxic pollution in our neighborhood, a lot of contamination. these are things that folks who live in that neighborhood, go to school, that are walking the
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streets every day have to deal with. because of that, i think it is really important to look at the traffic that flows through the mission, the freeway that is directly next to it. if you go on the department of public health website, you can see this area of the mission has the highest number of asthma, heart disease, cancer, and the southeast area than all of the city. chairperson mar: there is the central freeway and the bayshore freeway surrounding the site. >> so if you look at department of public health data, 75% of all that pollution that is affecting the diseases in that neighborhood are coming from car traffic. it is important to think about
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the well-being of the residents in that neighborhood. we're the ones, when the cars are coming in, who have to deal with all the pollution and its affect on our families. let us think about how we are improving the corners on 16th street for the folks that live there. we need to look at why we have to fill the impact of folks coming in, driving in, and all the areas zoned for light industrial uses. we are pretty much environmentally racist laws implemented in the 50's and 40's. people over profit. thank you. chairperson mar: it looks like there are no other speakers, so we are closing public comment.
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i would like to ask any of the department representatives if they would like to respond. i know mr. updike gave the original remarks, but is there anybody who would like to respond to the parking issue or the type of housing that will be built? ms. mcnamara, from the mayor's office of housing. >> i will definitely respond to the parking issue. for a couple of years, this is definitely been one of the things we know is an important aspect of the project. over a year ago, we started a traffic study. we are now working with the mta to implement those. we have had productive meetings with oec and other local businesses. we are working closely with supervisors cam and -- kim and
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campos. we will have a monthly check in as we start to work to implement parking improvement measures with the board for the neighborhood. this kind of change can be phased in over time and can be part of a better neighborhood all-around. chairperson mar: you mentioned the parking impact will not be before the fall of next year? >> fall of next year at the earliest, if i am on time with everything, for construction of the park portion. i do not know if joan would like to add anything. i think we pretty much covered with the project is. chairperson mar: thank you. supervisor weiner: i really wanted to commend the folks in the community who participated in the process, and the various departments. this is a terrific project. it is not in my district, but a
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few blocks outside of my district. i think it will have a broad impact. when you look at the mission, or the greater western -- whatever you want to call it -- the mission boulevard area, north mission -- there is a lack of open space. if you look at dolores park on a nice day, it is overflowing with people. if you need any space, or want to bring a family there, it can be challenging. the playground and soccer fields are incredibly popular. during their closure for renovation, how many people had to look for alternatives? we need more open space. this is a really strong project. of course, with any project like this, there are going to be hurdles. it looks like we are getting past them. i am supportive.
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a lot to motion we forward this to the board with a positive recommendation. chairperson mar: thank you. i want to thank all the representatives of the mayor's office of housing, puc, planning, and the rec and park apartment -- department for working to make green at the plan many groups work on for 10 years. this is a great example of how communities can make our neighborhoods more livable. can we move this forward with a positive recommendation without objection? thank you, everyone. [applause] we have supervisor farrel here
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for item three. can you please call item three? >> ordinance amending the planning code and zoning maps. supervisor farrell: >> this legislation is going to modify existing controls regarding sine end at a property located on masonic boulevard. these proposed controls would allow additional businesses projecting freestanding signs that identify the shopping center and provide directional guides, and would change some of the sun controls. these modifications are in anticipation of opening at the site in 2013, and several other smaller tenants coming in. the target team i worked with and a property manager and developer have put a lot of
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work into reinvigorating the property, with signs that will direct people into the right parking lots and businesses. there has been nothing but community support that we have seen, particularly from the neighborhood association that borders, in district 1. the art in favor of the legislation and spoke in favor of it in the planning commission. this is a project that is going to create hundreds of jobs for some franciscans. my understanding is sophie hayward from the planning department, and evan miller, are here to explain in detail. we also have representatives from target to answer any questions. i have an amendment which incorporates a recommendation from the planning commission, providing the new projecting
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signs on geary boulevard should be visually distinct insubordinate to the existing projecting sign. in has been advised by the city attorney that this is a non substantive change, and could go forward as a committee report today. i would like to make the motion to approve and accept the amendment as a whole, going forward. chairperson mar: thank you. ms. heyward? >> good afternoon, supervisors. so the hayward, planning staff. we consider the special sign ordinance at the august 11 public hearing. there were three actions required for the development project that would allow target to serve as the anchor tenant of the site where sears and roebuck was formerly located. the three actions required for the project for a conditional use authorization to allow the proposed formula retell use in the space, the proposed signing
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of the would be facilitated by the special district, and the proposed changes to the exterior of the building which would involve building permit applications, to be considered later. at the july 28 hearing, the conditional use authorization was passed. this passed a resolution unanimously asking the board of supervisors adopt the proposed ordinance with two amendments. there is a request that a large freestanding signed the reduced in height from the proposed maximum of 35 feet to a maximum of 20 feet in height. the second amendment, as described, was a recommendation that the new projecting signs be visually distinct from insubordinate to the existing
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sign on the structure. -- insubordinate to the existing sign on the structure. -- and subordinate to the existing sign on the structure. these recommendations were passed unanimously. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am jim rubin. i have been working with the project sponsor, the owner of the shopping center and target. this is the last piece of a long process that will allow us to renovate that center in a completely integrated way and make it work again. it has been not very attractive for quite a long time.
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i wanted to emphasize that we have talked to all the neighborhood groups. we met with them. they support the project. they were at the planning commission, support and not just the project, but the particulars of the sun district. i know of no opposition. that does not mean there is not somebody here. that is all i would like to say. i would like adam miller to make a short presentation to you of what the sign district is about. adam is a representative of the ownership. >> good afternoon, supervisors. let me go to a quick presentation to flipping through the overhead. everyone is aware of the property we are talking about at city center, at the corner of the theory. -- the corner of geary.
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we put this forward to create a consistent designage -- sighnage -- signage policy across the property. as you know, for people who have been there, it is difficult to navigate through the property. here are pictures of existing conditions at the property today. all of the signs that are there were approved in each of these tenants did move in. this is the corner of geary and masonic. one tenant has installed windows beside -- has installed signs behind the window. others have their own signs along the facades. another photo, looking up geary
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-- each of these signs is by code, but there is not an integrated plan. this is the proposed -- one of the proposed elevations. again, as a way of breaking up the facade and the size and mass of the building, adding these new blade signs -- based on planning commission commons, we did modify the new blade signs to be subordinate to the existing signed. other planning commissioner feedback was making screen elements that are installed a unified color. before, there were multiple colors. those were incorporated as part of this plan. here is another example of the new signs, looking up geary from lyon. here is another example at the
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corner of masonic and o'farrell. in addressing the antiquated siphonage -- the antiquated signs, here is the pylon that has been there since the property was repositioned for multiple conduce in the early 90's. here is the proposed new blade sign at this corner. it picks up the design themes of the building and the blades that exist in place. this is the existing wall- mounted signs. here is the proposed option. again, integrated with the remaining design of the property -- the last piece, and i think it is important -- this was an item where we got a lot of feedback from local neighborhood groups. this is creating a better sign a
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program to enhance property finding and way finding around the property. we have six different parking fields, none of which are linked, which creates a condition where you need to turn into each of these locations for this specific tenant use. the existing signs that have been placed today -- if you were driving along the street, it is not very visible. chairperson mar: and the street is one way, which makes it even more difficult. >> correct. one of the key elements we have put together is a monument sign program which will use the example of -- you can see these as you are driving upper -- driving up. it is better circulation. it would give the patrons the information to make the right
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decision, when choosing the parking field to go into. hopefully, this cuts the number of ins and outs and missing turns directing cars back to the neighborhood. we have a program that has a sign at every curve cut of the property -- curb cut of the property, where each tenant in those fields will be listed, as well as identify in the parking lot itself. this is a key component of the plan for veteran circulation on the property, especially given that it is one way, and if you miss your lane, you have to go back around. this is our quick summary. we would be happy to take any questions you have. chairperson mar: thank you. supervisor weiner: i have one question. in terms of subordinating the signs -- do they have to be
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subordinate to what currently says "urban"? >> correct. the idea was to have other signs be the same size, but we made them smaller. supervisor weiner: what was the rationale expressed by the planning commission for having to subordinate them? >> i think it was just a design aesthetic they liked. i think it created a different design as you went down. it broke up the facade. we thought it was a very good suggestion. we liked it. chairperson mar: i want to thank supervisor farrell's office for keeping us informed. thank you for walking us through the proposals, and the community meetings to help. i miss the toys r us that used
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to be there as well, but i realize the signs are terrible. this is a big improvement. that clunky pylon sign -- the much slimmer blade is a big improvement right there on the maine corner, where people turn into five different parking lots. it is a big, big improvement for circulation. i am glad the residents were involved in the process. thanks again to supervisor farrell for keeping us involved. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? mr. paulson? >> good luck with those lines. i still remember i was in that very sears store and got lost when i was 5 years old.
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i live across the street. i am glad you're fixing it. ♪ the long and winding road leads me back to the city center and you left me standing there a long, long time ago don't leave me lost theire lead me to your store ♪ supervisor farrell: very nice. chairperson mar: let us close public comment. supervisor farrell: just to reiterate, i would like to ask the community to make a motion to approve the amendment as a whole. we would still like the chance to engage with target this afternoon, and that is going to happen. happen. i would ask that the commit


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